With a more competitive job market, not only is there a bigger pool of potential employees a business can choose from, but from an employee’s perspective, there are much more job opportunities out there. Recently, a big focus has been on retention of not just customers and clients, but employees. In such a competitive job market, employees can have their heads turned by rival companies who offer better compensation, incentives and career progression. As a business owner, it is up to you to look after your employees and in turn, they will look after your business, as the saying goes. Here are some tips on how you can improve and maintain their morale.

Take their feedback into consideration

A boss that makes decisions that may adversely affect people, without their consent, is sure to damage the workforce’s morale. By consulting employees before making changes, taking their concerns seriously and carefully considering the effect decisions can have on them, this will certainly show you in a good light. Now, we know you may have to make decisions that they may not agree with, but if a structured procedure is followed and their feedback is considered, this will show them that while the management does care about their thoughts, decisions may not always be in their favour.

Have open communication

Keeping employees in the dark about issues that affect their work can turn out to be disruptive, especially if it leads to uncertainty over their jobs. By being as open and honest with your employees, you are showing them a level of respect that they will likely reciprocate. No one likes being kept in the dark about things, especially when it concerns their livelihood, so have proper channels where you can communicate with employees and vice versa.

Continuously make improvements to the business

This could be, but not limited to, through investing in employee training, where they are able to improve on their skills, or through investments in assets such as the company office, or implementing a simple meeting room booking system. As long as the employee feels it is money well spent and that their work will benefit from it, you will see improved morale. Think of the times you may have worked with new computers or equipment, and how that made you feel!

Offer incentives

While this may work more effectively in certain departments – such as sales – offering incentives to employees, for example, who provide excellent customer service, or for not taking any sick days, could be a good way to boost morale. While they want to be rewarded for performing their job well, it is it always nice to be rewarded for other aspects that may not be directly related. But don’t go overboard; unfair or uneven distribution of incentives could disrupt workplace harmony, so it is important that the right balance is found.