Rain coat

Rainy season, the worst of the four seasons (two if you live in the tropics). This is the time of the year when you wish you could stay home and relax on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or tea. However not all wishes come true and eventually you will have to get up and head out into the cold wet world. At least you have your favourite rain jacket to keep you warm and dry…right?

At this point I bet you are asking, what store sells high quality rain jackets for men? Well, you sir (or madam) are in luck, as I have searched high and low for the best places to find rain jackets for men. We will take a look at my top three favorite places to buy them:

For the Thrifty Men of the World

Hello, thrift stores! I kid you not, thrift stores are one of the best places to buy rain jackets and other apparel for men. Thrift stores (like Ross or T.J Maxx if you live in the U.S.) give you the opportunity to buy high quality rain jackets and other threads at a fraction of the cost of buying from the actual retail stores. Most thrift stores get some of their stock from designer and high-end brands that need to replace their current stock with the new season. The only downsides to shopping at a thrift store is that you need to really look to find the perfect item on your shopping list and you’ll have to deal with the fact that some pieces come in limited sizes. But don’t turn your nose up to the budget stores, buying from thrift stores can save you hundreds in cash. For the budget shopper, this is definitely a great option to look into when your trying to find a quality rain jacket for a fraction of the cost. Who said being stylish should not be budget friendly?

For the Department Store Master

Okay, maybe shopping at a thrift store isn’t for you. Maybe you want style and size options to choose from. The next best place to look for rain jackets for men are in department stores. Department stores give you the range of various brands to choose from with varying sizes to match. And if you are lucky, you can snag a quality rain jacket during a sale. Just be sure to check online for coupons or in your local newspaper.

For the Quality Man

Finally, if you are a one stop shop kind of guy, look no further as I’ve found the holy grail of retailers for rain jackets. Rains, specializes in rain jackets and waterproof apparel for men (AND women). Their focus is on uncompromising design and functionality. With a jacket from Rains, you know that you’re getting a quality piece that does not sacrifice fashion for functionality. And with a name like Rains, you know they mean business when it comes to producing quality rain jackets.

And there you have it, the top three places to shop for rain jackets for men. Hope this little piece of advice keeps you warm and dry during those rainy days!