The spring sun has arrived, and the summer is slowly coming towards us. The summer is the perfect time for family fun, and no matter where you are spending your summer holidays, it is always nice when the kids put their phones and iPads away and stop watching TV for a while. A little summer fun without technology.

We have found some great arts and crafts projects for the whole family. Hopefully, you can enjoy one or several of these projects together, either inside at home, in the garden, at the beach, or when visiting family. Let’s take a look at our arts and crafts favorites.

Which activity will be your summer favorite?

Painting can be a great family activity. You can buy cheap supplies whether you would like to paint with watercolors or acrylics. If you have young kids, you might not want to share your beautiful acrylics, but don’t worry – there is a solution. Paint station from Paint-Station is a great solution. You can for example get a paint station at CoolShop or another toy store. This is a great solution for young kids who want to paint. They get a table station with paint and paper, you get to keep your paint to yourself, and the best part: less mess!

If painting sounds a bit too messy for you, you can give beads a go. You can find tons of different beads sets for all genders, in all sizes, and for all ages. If your kid is into the TOPModel series we would for sure recommend the TOPModel beads set from CoolShop. This set gives you beautiful colors and letter beads! Perfect for anyone who wants to bead their own bracelet, neckless, or maybe even a ring.

Our last tip is coloring books. You can find hundreds of different books so that your kids always can choose the one they want. You can for example pick out a TOPModel book, a dinosaur book, and a fairytale book. Either buy markers or coloring pens and let your kids enjoy the sun while they get crafty.