Only in the past few decades have we seen a rise in jobs that can be done remotely, without the need to be in a physical office or fixed location. This has been brought around by the proliferation of high speed internet, and the resulting rise in freelance jobs and outsourcing work. For many people, the dream is no longer to have a fixed, stable job that will pay off once you reach retirement age, but it is now to earn good money, whilst being able to travel and see new places. This fits the description of the type of person whom most would describe as a “digital nomad”.

Below we shall have a look at a few types of jobs that allow the worker to be location-independent.

1) Social media marketer

Nowadays, many businesses no longer see the need to have an in-house marketing team, and often outsource this work out to experts who work on the move. A social media marketer for example would be in charge of creating ads for a business’ product or services, creating posts, communicating with potential clients, and this work can all be done just as effectively and efficiently by someone who has never set foot in the business’ physical location. While this may be a downside in some cases, the fact that the work is purely online based makes it even more understandable that it can be organised that way too.

2) Writer/editor

What better way to get inspiration than to write wherever it comes from. Writing articles, books and such does not so much require you to work from one location, and this is what makes it an excellent choice for a digital nomad. Much of this work may not even require internet access, making it one of the most ideal jobs for someone in this situation.

3) Graphic designer

All you need is your computer and you are set. This is another type of creative job that may be more suited to those who prefer to dictate what type of environment they would like to work in. Sometimes working in an office may be too distracting and a hindrance to creativity.

4) Sales

There are a variety of channels you could head down when it comes to sales and those allowing you to work remotely are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is drawing sales from sending out prospecting emails, or through cold calling, often these jobs can be done anywhere with a decent internet connection and little noise. We can sell almost anything using the internet, and this has opened up so many opportunities from those selling their marketing services to technology such as a conference room scheduling display.

5) Teaching

A surge in demand from Asia requiring English tutors has seen many people quit their jobs and teach online while they travel. This is a pretty flexible job, and like the other jobs on this list, only requires a good internet connection and a quiet environment.